What is video-based learning?

Video-based learning is a style of learning on the internet through a web-based portal or hub where a facilitator, tutor, teacher or trainer (learning expert) talks to you via short videos. It replaces long documents, manuals and pdfs that have been commonly used for online learning in the past. So instead of reading or printing out documents to read, learners can watch a series of short, entertaining video clips where the learning experts share their knowledge and wisdom to guide learners through a more interactive learning experience.

What is a MOOC?

A MOOC or ‘Massive Open Online Course’ is an online course that is open to learners outside a company or country. It means that learners can engage with other learning peers from different places and cultures in the world. This enhances the learning experience and MOOCs are a great way of creating social learning through games, forums and blogs.

What is online learning?

Online learning has evolved over time and now represents many different things. Opal’s interpretation of online learning is: ‘interactive, social video-based learning on the internet, accessed from any media device from anywhere in the world.’

Why aren’t international student success rates higher in New Zealand?

There are many cultures where students are not required to undertake assignments, and all their assessments are ‘examination’ based, so ‘memory’ and ‘recall’ are required skills rather than ‘applied or critical learning’ skills. In New Zealand, many tertiary providers require students to undertake assessments that are assignment based, and so students who have never experienced creating an assignment get lost, confused and stressed out when attempting to: research, create assignments, reference and avoid plagiarism while they are also learning the English language and attempting to decipher assignment phrases such as ‘provide a critical analysis’ and apply them to their research and assignment.

What is gamification?

Opal provides a system whereby ‘points’, ‘badges’, ‘leader boards’ and ‘contests’ provide an extra layer of engagement during learning. So without feeling the stress of an exam, learners can choose to participate in interactive learning games while picking up new skills and knowledge for their online courses.

What is social learning?

Forums, comments and blogs in the Opal learning platform provide a way for learners to engage with other learning peers. It’s a great way to ask a question without fear of reprise, without having to verbally ask a question in a class and to get a wide range of answers to help learners understand concepts and broaden their ideas for learning.