Meet the Founder

Opal Learning Ltd was founded by Karen Whittaker who has spent the last twenty years teaching students at University, facilitating courses in private tertiary establishments, training learners in corporate environments and managing online learning teams and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Karen has created online learning that has been accessed by over 150,000 people world-wide! She is an education innovator and is known for her innovative and sound teaching and learning practice.

Opal brings you a beautiful and affordable LMS to support your learners to become more successful in their learning while engaging in really interesting learning. Sign up for your own LMS so your learners can really enjoy learning, from any media device anywhere in the world. Opal is not just any online learning portal, it’s been designed with the newest online learning technology to engage learners with videos, gamification and social learning in mind. We can create your branded LMS, train your Administrators, show you best practice, teach you how to offer the best video-based learning packages, help you structure your site and kick-start your blended or purely online learning now!

Isn't it about time online learning got easy? Login and try a course on Opal and see for yourself!

MOOCS for the Commonwealth

Karen worked with Massive Open Online Courses, creating online learning programmes for a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Education Trust (CET). “CET is built on the premise that education is the foundation for development. Its purpose is to advance primary and secondary education across the commonwealth” ( During this time, Karen developed video-based online learning programmes for Teachers who needed professional development. These programmes included forums, quizzes, videos and information designed to improve ‘teaching and learning’ and were created with and by Professors from Universities all over the world, including Cambridge University and the University of Melbourne. Karen received recognition for her contribution to advancing education in the Commonwealth. The MOOCS Karen set up are still available on